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commercial painting 

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Factories, warehouses, buildings

If you have a large commercial property with a building that needs a fresh coat of paint, SHJG is the company for you. SHJG is a professional painting business with all the appropriate safety management processes in place making us fully compliant. If you are preparing to sell your building or re-lease it for a premium return, we can help by renewing the look and feel of your building. Equally if you are a construction company we can paint your newly constructed buildings as well.


Our team specialises in all types of building painting and property maintenance:

  • Scissor Lift and EWP painting

  • Exterior and Interior painting

  • Scaffold Erection

  • Sheet metal fabrication (Panel repair)

  • Minor Building Repairs

  • Clean-up

we provide a professional PAINTING service

We don't only refurbish buildings, we are happy to come to your construction site and paint any newly constructed buildings or we can even paint buildings that are in the midst of construction to speed up a carefully planned process.

We can and will paint anywhere:

  • Construction sites

  • Industrial Warehouses and factories being constructed

  • New Mine site buildings

... and much more.



All our painters are experienced and know what it takes to provide a professional service. They are totally familiar with the equipment they use, the paint products and protective coatings they apply and are fully conversant with the appropriate safe work practices required on the majority of construction sites today.

Commercial Painting requires experience and the right attention to detail, thats why you should choose SHJG Site Services.



  • Quality Commercial Grade Painting Guaranteed

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • On-site servicing

  • Onsite Safety Procedures Prioritised

  • Meeting Your Deadlines

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