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No HOUSE is too big or TOO small.


We will paint your house regardless of its size. Painting is our business and we have many years experience in all facets of painting. The variety of work we do allows for a diverse range of application skills which gives us a clear advantage over many traditional house painters.


Our team specialises in all types of painting and preparation methods:

  • Pressure washing

  • Masking up

  • Encapsulation

  • Spray painting

  • Roller & Brush application

  • Preparative repair work

... and much more.​


What about the paint you will be using on my house?

Of course we will consult with you about the paint to be used on your house. We have a range of paint suppliers that include Dulux, PPG, Taubmans and International Paints who are all experienced in what types of paints should be used and where to use them. The quality of the paint we use will always be long lasting and among the best protective coatings on the market today. Some of the paints we use can even come with a warranty. Regardless we make sure you are happy with the paint selected for your house.


Looking for a quality paint finish?

We guarantee a top quality finish for your house, regardless of whether it's old or new. If it's old it will look brand new and if your house is new, the finish we provide will last for many years. Our reputation is based on every house we paint so providing a high quality finish is a priority. 

House painting requires the right attention to detail, the right type of paint, and painters that know what they are doing, thats why you should always choose SHJG for your painting needs.



  • Best Paint Quality Guaranteed

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Experienced Painters

  • Safety Procedures Prioritised

  • Meeting Your Deadlines

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