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Metal Fabrication DIRECT To your Site

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No job is too big or small.

Metal fabrication has many forms and requires a vast set of skills and qualifications to have quality metal fabrication and welding on your site. Our portable service saves you time and money of moving machinery and materials to various locations.


Our team specialises in all types of welding and metal fabrication:

  • Stainless steel fabrication

  • Steel fabrication

  • Aluminium fabrication

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Oxy cutting

  • Plasma cutting

  • Low pressure water lines

  • Low pressure fuel lines

  • Repairs 


metal fabrication and welding to your site - we come to you!

Metal fabrication and welding can cost a lot of money and time for your company to move your heavy materials or equipment to a fabricator. The beauty about our services is that they're completely portable - we come to you! 

Metal fabrication is easier when it is brought to you. We work on:

  • Construction sites

  • Industrial Warehouses and factories

  • Mining sites

  • Marine and defence sites

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protect your equipment excavator and workers on your site, worksite safety.

Looking for quality design and Safety?

Our designs are crafted from over 8 years worth of experience in this industry. We guarantee the best quality, design and safety. Everything we do is completely tailored for your companies needs. 

Sheet metal fabrication requires the right attention to detail, thats why you should choose SHJG Site Services.


  • Best Metal Fabrication Quality Guaranteed

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • On-site servicing

  • Metal Fabrication Safety Procedures Prioritised

  • Meeting Your Deadlines

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